What are you doing during the coronavirus pandemic?

Preventative care is what pediatrics is all about!   We are taking even more precautions than usual by screening all persons coming into our office at the front door for symptoms of COVID-19.  This includes parents.  In addition well visits are only done in the office in the morning and specific rooms are reserved for infants and babies.  Providers are taking extra precautions by wearing face masks and gloves in the office.  We take your safety seriously but infants need well visits and we will continue to be there to serve your family.


What do we have to do to become a patient?

*9/30/2022 - Our location of Trusted Doctors is not currently accepting new patients, including newborns. Please refer back to our homepage for status updates*

Should you choose to join our family, all you have to do is list us as your pediatric provider while at the hospital. After delivering, call us to set up your first appointment.  That is it!



What can we do before our baby is born?

Join us at one of our monthly complimentary classes to prepare you for your newborn.  To adhere to social distancing, these classes are now on Facebook Live!  The classes are an opportunity to meet us and the practice while getting a head start on preparing for a baby.  You can also meet our providers one on one by setting up a virtual or in person meeting.  


How does health insurance work for newborns?

In most cases the mother's insurance will cover the infant for the first month of life.  After this, it is critical that you enroll your newborn under your family insurance plan.  If this is not done, the infant is not covered by insurance after this short window.  Please call your insurance to confirm coverage once you have attempted to enroll your newborn.  

Newborn Class on Facebook Live

Our commitment to engaging families includes making sure you are the best parent you can be. This starts right from the beginning as we prepare you for parenthood and the first months of life of your baby.  


Join us live or join us virtually online as we share in your adventure as a parent. We will teach you some of the basics of what to expect.