Vaccine Policy Statement

At Einstein Pediatrics, to ensure the protection of those in our office  such as newborns and immunocompromised children who cannot be immunized, we require that patients keep up-to-date with the vaccine schedule published by the Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control (see below). Vaccinating children is a choice we hope all parents will make.  It ensures the safety of our community from vaccine-preventable diseases which have seen a resurgence in recent years.  

All staff at Einstein Pediatrics adhere to the routine schedule with our own children because of our confidence in the safety and importance of immunizing children.  We are happy to discuss questions regarding vaccines to help you understand their importance and safety.  For those not choosing to follow the recommended schedule, we will help you find another provider who better fits your family's needs.  It is our policy to only admit families to the practice who commit to the standard vaccine schedule.  We reserve the right to discharge families who elect not to vaccinate or choose an alternative and non-evidence based vaccine schedule.  

Vaccine Schedule